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The Milford Collection ... of Christian songs, paintings and other verse

by Keith Watson

   April 2014

–  beautiful paintings (by Bonny Watson, Keith’s wife)
–  and new words to well-known hymn tunes

ISBN 978-0-9923258-4-8
December 2014, soft cover, 243 pages illustrated
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About the Author:
Keith Watson is a civil engineer in water resources and held the position of Associate Professor and Chair of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of NSW.
Keith is an accomplished hymn writer.
About the book: “These are wonderfully appropriate new words for today. It is very pleasing that the hymns and songs have been collected and published thus allowing them to be sung by wider gatherings. It is also special to have them published alongside Bonny’s lovely paintings. May the Milford Collection produce, as Keith hopes, enduring fruits of worship, blessing and joy.”  David Parsons OAM, organist

Captain Cook Memorial Jet, Canberra
one of Bonny Watson's illustrations

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