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On the way

by Irene Voysey

We are all on our way somewhere every day. How we choose to handle what happens on the way becomes the story of our lives.

November 2014, soft cover, 149 pages

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About the Author:

Irene Voysey is a freelance writer who has won recognition from the Australian Religious Press Association (ARPA).

Irene, who has written numerous articles, worked for 17 years with the Bible Society, including ten years as editor of The Sower. She has written two previous books: House-plants for Asian Homes published in Hong Kong, and By The Way - her own journey addressing the question of evangelism.

About this book:

This collection of short stories tells some of the ways ordinary people have chosen to help others on their way through life.

The 27 chapters of On the way..., each written in traditional short story style, grab our attention and hold it to the end every time.
Comments on “On the way”:

Irene's powers of observation and her ability to draw out lessons from people we meet and things we do along the way every day make her a wise commentator on people and events. Her ability to write them down in short story form provides a model for Christian communicators.

“On the way is a simply delightful book to read and enjoy yourself and to pass on to someone you know.” Bob Thomas, Editor, New Life Newspaper

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