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by Robyn Claydon

Reflecting on the ripple effect in our lives of the things that happen to us, good and bad, and the challenges we face – the stories of 40 women.

ISBN 978-0-9923258-1-7
Paperback September 2013, 128 pages illustrated
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About the Author: Robyn Claydon has a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Sydney University, qualifications in Theology and Education, and is Fellow of the Australian College of Education. She has taught in schools in Australia and Britain and lectured in education in the USA.

She has a world-wide Christian ministry of preaching, Bible teaching, convention speaking and mentoring young leaders. One of her current ministries in Australia is leading the women’s Bible Study at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney from whose members all the stories and 20 creative photographs in this book have come.
Ripples are the result of an action or an experience. We have all had ripples, both happy and sad, in our lives. These are ripples from people we have met, ripples from invitations we have accepted or rejected, and ripples from the unexpected challenges of life.
This book consists of women’s voices reflecting on their lives and recounting the ripples that have ruffled the surface, ripples that seemed more like tsunamis, and ripples that have led eventually to calmer waters often through faith in God.
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