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by Kath Henry

   August 2016

a family's journey through a child's chronic illness

ISBN 978-0-9923258-6-2
Paperback 2016, 138 pages illustrated
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About the Author:

Kath Henry has worked as an intensive care nurse, midwife, nurse educator and researcher. Her ministry as co-senior pastor with her husband has given Kath the opportunity to preach and speak at conferences both nationally and internationally.

Kath is committed to encouraging individuals and families negotiating a life journey, including those with complex medical issues.
Comments about the content of “SAM”

Discovering that your child is ill is one of life's great fears: is it just a cold or is it something more serious? Will it be over in just a day two or is it the beginning of something more? What should I/we do? In 'Sam' Kath Henry tells her family's story of the path to discovery that their son Sam has severe neutropenia, a blood condition that leads to recurrent and sometimes even fatal infections. For her family, like for many others, discovering that your child, who at first appeared totally healthy, has a serious problem is a major, life-changing event. 'Sam' reveals the vigour of a mother pursuing her son's diagnosis, the feeling of a boy in tears asking why has God given me neutropenia, and the Henry family's path to helping others afflicted by chronic diseases.
David C Dale MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Washington

No matter how old you are or what life experiences you have had, your heart will be touched and your own life's journey enriched by reading 'Sam'. Buy copy for yourself and another to give away.
David and Robin Claydon, authors, international speakers and pastors
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